precision engineering

Committed to excellence

Our clients come from an extraordinary range of different industry sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing

...and even racing enthusiasts and professionals.

We're fully resourced

Our comprehensively equipped workshop features CNC Machining and old-school machinery and processes that are often more cost efficient in producing high quality results.

We're flexible and adaptable

With around a dozen qualified tradespeople, we're not exactly the largest precision engineering firm in Adelaide. But we're proud of the extraordinary array of services we can offer our clients and our size makes us particularly adaptable to our clients' needs. We also offer significant cost benefits based on the efficiency of our operation and the considerable experience offered by our staff.

Our comprehensively equipped workshop allows us to offer specialist one-off prototypes or production runs of thousands. Our size also allows us to respond very quickly to urgent jobs.

In-house design services

We have the resources to reverse engineer a broken component or develop a sophisticated new digital design from scratch using our in-house design team and CAD/CAM facilities. We frequently assist clients in refining their designs to reduce production costs and achieve better performance.

Our technology is up to date

Our in-house digital design and production resources are up to date and consistently meet our exceed customer expectations and requirements. Our focus is on efficiency at the highest quality, so we prefer using the best equipment available.

We're committed to quality

Our workforce includes some of the most experienced tradespeople around, and most of them have been with us for a long time. Our very high workforce retention rate is a reflection of our commitment to quality and ensures our customers get consistent services every time they come back for quality they can rely on.