precision engineering

Challenges accepted

We pride ourselves on the broad range of services we offer and we're confident of delivering real value to our clients at the highest standards of quality.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the equipment in our workshops. Our state-of-the art CNC machines are replaced frequently to ensure efficient production and exceptional quality, but we're also rather proud of a lot the older equipment we've had on our floor for decades!

True craftsmanship

For many projects, the old fashioned manual approach can deliver outstanding cost savings to our clients, along with the highest standards of accuracy. Importantly, our machine operators are all true craftsmen in their work. Most of our people have worked at Bob Jolly and Co for a very long time. Our very stable workforce ensures consistency in the quality we deliver.

Our in-house design expertise employs contemporary digital technology, but like all of our work is based on a rather old fashioned approach to deliver genuine quality and value.