Expanded detail on our services

CNC Machining

At Bob Jolly & Co Machining we have a strong reputation for our CNC Machining Capabilities.

In our numerous CNC Lathes we can adapt quickly to machine a single component or in one of our Bar Feed Machines we can make hundreds or even thousands of items in a run.

With a range of up to 400mm diameter and 600mm between centres we are sure to accommodate your needs.
Further to this we have several CNC Mills that we can also utilize to make a single component or thousands. Our CNC Mills also have the option of using our 4th Axis capabilities to create intricate works or even work smarter to produce your parts faster and more cost effectively.

With a working capacity of 1300mm * 700mm * 700mm we can again turn our hand to small and large tasks with ease.

Accuracy and complexity are welcomed as we utilize CAD/CAM to be able to either work from your CAD files/designs or generate them ourselves. Further to this we retain detailed records for future reference allowing us to supply you with the same high quality results time and again.

Gear Cutting

Again we continue to lead as a Gear Cutting services provider both locally and further afield.

We have the ability to cut Spur Gears, Helical Gears and Splines all the way up to 700mm diameter covering an extremely wide range of Tooth Forms and variants.

For Spur Gears we can cut both Internal and External Gears for most of today's modern Tooth Forms whilst still being able to cut Tooth Forms of old even dating back to pre World War One. We can even Tooth Round to aid in the smooth engagement of Gears.

Again with our Helical Gears we can generate External Forms of today and yesterday with ease from samples or drawings.

Another specialty is our Splining capabilities. We can generate both Internal and External Splines to suit most Tooth Forms both old and new. We can even cut Splines into hardened materials and infact refurbish many types of worn or damaged Splines - making them as good as new.

Slotting is another strength for Keyway cutting and single-point requirements. Again we are able to adapt from small jobs to the largest of applications. We can cut keyways up to 380mm long at any width. A selection of Broaching for Keyways, Squares and Hexagons is also available.

All of these services are backed up by Gear Design Software allowing us to accurately design or reverse engineer your Gears for suit your specific requirements and applications.

Further to this we retain detailed records for future reference allowing us to supply you with the same high quality results time and again.

Manual Machining

To complement our CNC Machining and Gear Cutting Departments we also offer a full suite of Manual Machining capabilities. With the use of Lathes, Mills, Surface Grinders, Radial Drills, EDM, Automatic Bandsaw and a full complement of other Metalworking/Engineering Equipment we are sure to be capable of servicing your needs.

Simply put there is too much to list so why not challenge us with your next requirement. We can offer the option of doing the whole job or perhaps just key processes that you may not be equipped for yourself.


Computers are the key to a modern Engineering Machine Shop and this is yet another area that we excel. We can work with your CAD designs, samples or even a hand sketch or of course if you prefer we can do this for you.

We can design your job from scratch or reverse engineer it from existing information and samples or work with you from initial idea right through to design, manufacture of prototypes and production runs further down the track.

The formula for our success is experience, innovation and passion.

Detailed records are kept for use in the years to come and of course discretion is a key ethos we live by to not only create new working relationships for now but long into the future.

EDM Facility

Electrical Discharge Machining or "EDM" for short (you may know of it as Spark Eroding) is somewhat of an unknown field but once again something we specialize in.

Copper Electrodes are manufactured in the shape of the profile you wish to create and through a process of electrical discharge (Sparks) this profile is formed into/onto the job. Put simply if your application will conduct electricity then this EDM process may be for you.

Examples of use may be the creation of Squares, Hexagons, Splines, complex shapes/profiles or even as simple as removing a broken bolt, stud or threading tap. We can even Spark Erode into hardened steel, aluminium or cast iron.


MIG or TIG Welding processes are available in-house to suit your application. Once again to compliment our long list of services Welding/Fabrication is another facet of Engineering that is catered for; allowing us to offer a full range of services to you.

High stress components and simple brackets alike can be welded in-house applying professional welding techniques and practices to suit individual job requirements.

Again we draw on a rich history and a vast wealth of knowledge to assure your job will be welded correctly and of course at the very least meet your requirements on both a practical and aesthetical level.

Complete Projects

No doubt by now you will see just how diverse our services are. Whilst we are more than happy to provide individual processes such as Gear Cutting or CNC Machining we can also offer a Turn-Key Service where we can manage your entire project from initial design through manufacture, surface finishing, assembly, packaging and even delivery.

Feel free to talk to us about the many detailed projects we've worked on in the past and ask how we can apply this rich history, knowledge and capability to your future requirements.


Without Great Staff you simply cannot be a Great Business consistently supplying Great Services. This is recognized at Bob Jolly & Co Machining and we are not only more than happy with our Highly Skilled Team - we are proud of what we've created, where we've come from and where we are today.

Our long serving team consist of Toolmakers, Fitter and Turners and Boilermakers. Infact every single Employee is Trade Qualified with a collective experience of almost 300 years of combined experience and knowledge in the Engineering field!

Yes we have the Machinery but we also have the Staff with the knowledge and the passion to put a complete package together for you today and well into the future.

Industries & Applications:

Some examples of the fields we can apply or rich list of Services to are:

1) Mining and Mineral Exploration and Drilling.
2) Rail and Transport.
3) Agriculture and Primary Produce.
4) Wine & Food Industries.
5) Autosport, Motorsports and Leisure Applications.
6) Special Purpose Equipment, Tooling and Applications.
7) Printing and Processing Plant and Equipment.
8) Power Generation and Water Infrastructure.
9) Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
10) Roll forming Tooling and Equipment.
11) Beam Line and Metal-Worker Tooling - Punches, Dies and Cropping Blades.
12) General Manufacturing Sector.