precision engineering Adelaide

Design expertise built on experience

Do you have a damaged sample you would like replicated? Or perhaps an idea you would like to see designed and created from scratch? We are the people who can help you.

Our business is built around our Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture and Gear Design and Simulation Software. We have the tools, experience and expertise to design or reverse engineer the most complex components. In fact we always relish particularly challenging designs.

Highly skilled and very helpful

Our in-house design team offer a wealth of experience to assist with design development and can offer advice to optimise your design to minimise cost and and improve performance.

Our experience has often helped clients avoid unanticipated design problems before production commences. 

Our systems and procedures will ensure we retain detailed records of all our clients' design and production history. That ensures we will always be able to supply the same high quality items again and again, whatever the future holds.